shared information spaces that respond to click traffic  
Click traffic is a powerful way to help organise information -

  • forms intelligent connections between things
  • rapid and continuous adaptation by direct feedback
  • self-organises from the bottom-up (ie. from users) instead of top-down (platforms, taxonomy etc)
  • users benefit from each other without social networks or privacy issues
  • simple and quick to use

  • naturally efficient
    naturally intelligent

    ⇒ no fuss, high frequency, low level way to develop & share real intelligence
    {!ctf} filters & maps clickstream data in real time and uses it for
  • flexible search
  • recommendations
  • current awareness
  • optimising content
  • exploring change
  • knowledge mapping
  • dynamic taxonomy
  • or in any query you like
  • ⇒ adaptive collaborative filtering or co-learning layer that can plug right into existing information systems
    see NoSQL schema for ways you might use it

    test demo

    {!ctf} co-browser extension for Chrome

    {!ctf} query parser plugin for Solr

    {!ctf} extension for Mediawiki
    some test results
    All you need is

  • some users
  • some content
  • a server log or click recording
  • a SQL or NoSQL database
  • & a little thought
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